Instructors Training Program

We take pride in fostering an excellent team of professionally trained and certified instructors who share in our vision of success — passionate motivators who lead by example, and who continually strive to achieve higher standards.We believe that a broad understanding of the psychology and physiology of instruction is just as essential as its technical aspects. The abilitiy to teach well and gain students’ respect is a skill that can be developed with proper instruction, effective role-modeling and plenty of focused practice.

We take great pride in providing our Instructors and Assistant Instructors with a comprehensive Instructor program, developed by the Sport Kickboxing Federation, designed by Chief Instructor, Master Farhad Dordar.instructors learn:

  • how to maintain a positive attitude;
  • how to develop strong relationships with students based on trust and respect;
  • how to prepare the body for martial arts training;
  • an understanding of physiology and the effects martial arts training has on the body, which helps to reduce risk of injury to students and increases students’ readiness for martial arts training;
  • to lead by example by demonstrating to students a clear understanding of martial arts disciplines, and by showing respect and empathy at all times;
  • the basics of class management and psychology, anatomy, warm-up and stretching, and how to assist in the instruction of a class;
  • effective public speaking, and how to develop their personal magnetism and charisma, in order to maintain students’ interest while teaching the technical portions of a class;
  • injury prevention and treatment, and procedures for dealing with emergencies

Higher level instructors learn:

  • to teach advanced techniques and combinations;
  • to pass on their knowledge of discipline and respect to other students;
  • to further develop their charisma and personal magnetism;
  • the sports nutrition suited for martial arts and what creates the necessary energy for training;
  • specific techniques to boost energy before tournaments;
  • to determine which training methods and supplements are safe and legal and which are not.