Owners of martial-arts schools can be thought of as belonging in a few different categories:

First, there are those who have been involved in martial arts for much of their lives and they enjoy sharing the arts with others. I admire their mentality because they are contributing to the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of others. It is no surprise that the government and the public will willingly support those who are living to improve the lives of those around them; Life is short and people want to experience it with qualities and values. Martial-arts instructors, regardless of which discipline, are making the same important contributions to the public without the support of government.

They often endure many personal risks in order to help others, sometimes using their own financial resources, and while the help they provide at their own risk is commendable, they need support.

Then there are school-owners who have business backgrounds, great leadership abilities and business management skills who are able to erect a professionally run martial-arts school. Just because a martial-arts instructor can hold a hand-target or give quality advice to students does not mean that they are able to run a busy martial-arts school. There are special management skills required. Academic management knowledge and a high level of experience are crucial for managing any facility.

It requires business systemization, proper software such as a CRM -Customer Relation Management, which I am using for the Sport Kickboxing Federation and our franchisees-, marketing, community involvement programs and many dozens of other programs to maximize your services to thousands of people who strive for your help. Publicity is a complete course that we teach in our seminars and sharing our knowledge with you, to aid you in extending the values of martial-arts to your clientele, is a pleasure of ours.

Our business systems are built for everyone, no matter what your style or what kind of martial-arts culture you carry with you in the world. We have developed a fitness-trainer’s martial-arts certification program in order to incorporate martial-arts skills in their fitness training curriculums and this has helped to enhance the enjoyment and improve the mental and physical aspects of their normal fitness routines.

Thirty years of experience has helped us help millions of people around the world and our courses have been taught in universities and colleges for certification purposes. Our carefully designed programs are academically and scientifically approved and the experience of thousands of instructors has helped us to grow martial-arts as a professional industry.

To start making these changes in your martial-arts school, please fill out the form and one of our professional team members will contact you for more information.