Sport Kickboxing

Sport kickboxing combines the eastern philosophy of martial arts and self improvement with modern and practical array of techniques which have resonated from several disciplines of martial arts such as Kickboxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Judo and Jujitsu. Sport Kickboxing is a complete form of martial arts offering its practitioner practical knowledge of self defense, superior physical and mental fitness, focus, stress relief in a fun, motivational and energetic format.  Sport kickboxing is for everyone: men, women and children of all ages and fitness levels.

The greatest value in martial arts is in the area of personal growth and development. With the SKF ™ system students are able to focus on our twelve step program one belt at a time.

White:         Setting high goals and having a positive mental attitude
Yellow:       Respect and self control
Hi Yellow:   Self confidence and self esteem
Orange:       Perseverance and patience
Hi Orange:   Balance in martial arts and in life
Green:         Willpower and determination
Hi Green:     Loyalty and sincerity
Blue:           Self discipline and motivation
Hi Blue:       Enthusiasm and courage
Brown:        Punctuality and humility
Hi Brown:   Power and knowledge
Low Black: Giving and leadership