Kickboxing tournaments and competitions are an integral part of martial artist training. Competition builds confidence, discipline and leadership skills.

Competitions are also an opportunity to test your skills. Questions such as:

“Am I at the level of fitness that I want?”

“Are my skills and techniques what they should be at my belt level?”

May be answered through competition. Participation in SKF tournaments is not mandatory- just greatly encouraged. We encourage our students to sign up for multiple categories and to bring their friends and family to watch them compete.

If you are interested in Martial arts but have not tried it before, attending a kickboxing tournament competition is an excellent way to observe what martial arts training can do for you or your child.

Not just in terms of fitness but also in self-defence. At every kickboxing tournament there are one or more demonstrations put on by different schools.


  • SKF Continuous Point Fighting
  • SKF No Face Contact
  • SKF Face Contact
  • SKF Ground Fighting
  • SKF Ring Fights