How to Get Started

Join our ever-growing family. Let us help you to kick away that stress and create a healthier, more balanced and disciplined mind and body.

Welcomes and encourages all ages (from 5 to 75!) and levels of fitness to explore our unique approach to holistic (mind/body/spirit) wellness through our state-of-the-art martial arts program. It’s not about fighting.” While we take pride in having produced many martial arts champions, the primary goal of our programs is to improve your overall lifestyle to reduce stress and instll a sense of wellbeing, self-discipline and confidence.”

Program Enrollment

The cost of enrolling in our programs is based not only on the quality, type and length of the program, but also on the specific needs of each individual. During the initial two-day free introductory session, one of our program directors meets with the individual privately to conduct an assessment and to design a program that corresponds with his/her specific needs and interests. A number of flexible payment plans are offered. Please feel free to contact us for more information